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Safety on Neptune

And Tips 4you!

 This is what we have onboard today

Bug Out Bag!

2022 - Check here

We have also put together an overview of what you can and should have in such a bag in case of emergencies...

What to bring?

2022 - Check here

We have put together a list of which medicines and first aid equipment you may want to take on longer trips and passages!


2022 - Check here

Here you`ll find some good tips about climbing the mast

Aqua Guard!

April 2022 - Check here

This smart wireless device detects water or leak. The alarm is connected directly to the Wi-Fi and will send push notifications to mail and SMS before the bilge pumps starts!

Signal Horn

April 2022

Gas-filled horn in addition to flute. A particularly good friend in fog and / or in need of help.

Lifebuoey ligths

April 2022

This month we also got our lifebuoy light. Here we have bracket that can easily be attached to e.g. pushpit next to the horseshoe buoy. Just remember to set it upside down and attache it to the bouy whit a rope!

Lifejacet ligths

March 2022

All our lifejackets is equipped with life jacket lights. These will light up automatically if one should fall overboard.

Climbing Gear =)

Februar 2022

We have a black diamond harness, Busun chair and extra sheet, like a spinnakerhallyard as backup and uses a climbing rope as number #1

Spinlock Lite

January 2022

All life jackets are of the type with CO2 inflatable, Spinlock lite+. These also have the eye to attach the lifeline... It is actually very convenient and not least important! We highly recommend this type... 

Fireworks =)

January 2022

We have 4 emergency rockets and 8 handheld flares. In addition, we have 2 pcs. liquid smoke signal...

Gas alarm

January 2022

Reacts quickly to carbon monoxide, and invisible and odorless gas. Battery powered and portable so requires no installation. It has a built-in lithium battery with up to 7 years of life. Automatic sensor test and indication when it is time to change the alarm.

Smoke alarms/ detectors

January 2022

Then we have and recommend series-connected smoke alarms in all cabins.

Automatic bilge pumps 

January 2022

Automatic quality pump with built-in level control. This very advanced pump will start approx. one second when the power is turned on. If there is water (it responds to resistance in the impeller), it runs until the water is drained.

Horseshoe buoy

January 2022

Plastimo horseshoe buoy. Classic lifebuoy with grip line on the outside. The floating body is in EPS while the outer cover is in PVC. In addition 50 meters of rope

"Bug Out Bag"

January 2022 - Check here

We have put together an emergency bag intended to take with you in either a liferaft or dingy. Medium-sized bag that is only available in emergencies!

"Viccy" - Our dingy

January 2022 - Check here

We consider our dingy also as an emergency unit if we have to leave the boat. We will attach this to the liferaft with ropes in case of emergency...


January 2022 - Coming

We have a liferaft that is packed in a bag versus suitcase as it saves some weight and space. This is intended for 6 people. Remember to service according to manufacturer's recommended intervals.

Video tutorial

We will make a video that addresses the most important safety equipment you should consider before making longer passages and possibly sea crossing with a list of things you should bring and go through before leaving port...

Under construction - coming in July!

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