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VLogs on how we turn this to be a real

bluewater cruiser...

VLog #1

30.07.2021 First anchorage!

First anchorage!

First anchor was set in a quiet protected bay in Oslofjorden called, Sandspollen =) 

Our 25Kg Delta anchor held up great in the 5 days we was there. We also had 20Kg Bruise anchor at the back, but sold this since we heard sailors almost never uses them.. But we do consider an even bigger anchor at the front, maybe 35 Kg and have taken a look at Delta, also Rockna.

VLog #2

05.08.2021 Up 20 meters...

Up the mast we go!

We tried to fix a problem with the forestay because we could not get the foresail either in or out. It just jammed in the top cup, and needed to be repaired. After 3 times up and down we got help from Whit Marine. The wire needed to be change also because it was bend, and the rubber cup over was ripped off...

VLog #3

10.08.2021 First Dingyride

First dinghy ride

The first time we took our dingy "Viccy" for a spinn. And she held up quite nice.

Its an inflatable type and easy to bring up on to deck for longer passages.

Dry weight 35 Kg.

V-log #4

15.08.2021 Nameday!

She got here name: S/Y Neptune today...

Almost a little strange that this name was available at all, so feel quiet good about this one =) We are waiting for the labels to have at the bom and some other stickers to have on the backside. So check out Sailing Yacht Neptune also at Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook as well!

VLog #5

20.08.2021 First Dingyride =)

First time whit the new engine.

The Honda 4 stroker pushed "Viccy" up in 6-7 knots =) The new Honda engines are very fuel efficient as well.. Total cost for the 8 feet Quicksilver boat and the 6 hp Honda was around; 2.500,-US Dollar.

VLog #6

25.08.2021 Cleaning week

Cleaning time

Some pictures after a week of just cleaning the entire boat,,,

VLog #7

04.09.2021 First Sailing =)

Setting sail!

First time we shut off the engine & setting sail!!! We made 4,5 knots (SOG) whit 4.3 (TWS) It was an hole new experience to fly over the waves and down in the sunset without the sound of the motor - just the wind i the sail... We practise a lot on tack whit the forsail, and starting to get a grip on it =) Cant wait to try the mainsail next time!

VLog #8

06.09.2021 The Storm in Oslo

Stormy weather ahead!

At an anchor in Bunnefjorden, tied up to a mooringball and 50 chain out, because of the gust that came up to 25-30 mps. A neighbour at the dock said they never had this kind of weather since world war 11. The best tips I can give when the weather turns this fast around, is to try to find shelter in a bay, and a mooring ball. Attache with to lines (one for backup) an also drop the anchor whit enough chain - This was rolly!

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