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Medical On Board

Tips on equipment to have On Board

Checklist below

We have put together a list of the first aid equipment you may want to take on longer trips. Other safety tips Check here!

"The Black Bag"

Medical Stuff

In the black waterproof bag we have all of the medical items. This is a waterproof bag and we have listed what we recommend for shorter and longer passages below.

Medical inventory:

Bacimycin - (Wound ointment)

Cortisone - (Wound ointment)

Bepanthen - (Irritated skin)

Eurax - (Hives, urticaria)

Strepsil pills - (Colds)

Docs - (Throuat lozenges)

Hedexcin - (Cough syrup)

Aposilling pills - (Antibiotics)

Kloramfenicilin - (Eye infections)

Eyedrops - (Eye infections)

Zyrtec - (Allergic, antihistamines)

Idoform - (Stomach balance)

Imodium - (Stomach Diarreah)

Heartburn pills - (Stomach acid)

Samarin - (Antacid)

Postafen - (Travelsickness/ nausea)

Paralgin - (Painkillers, Strong)

Paracetamol - (Painkillers)

Antiseptic fluid - (Injuries)

Otrivin fluid - (Nose spray)

Ice gel/ Icepack - (Burnmarks)

Burnaid - (Burnmarks)

Note! Think about how you pack this in terms of access for children!

"The Red bag"

First Aid stuff

In the red backpack we have all of the First Aid equipment. This is placed in a waterproof bag and the equipment we recommend for short or longer passages is listed below.

First Aid equipment:

2 Needle and tread - (Injuries)

2 Support bandage - (Injuries)

3 Compress bandage - (Injuries)

20 Different plaster - (Injuries)

3 Set of gloves - (Injuries)

2 Adesive tape - (Injuries)

5 Sterile gauze pad - (Injuries)

5 Antiseptic wetwipes - (Injuries)

5 sterile wipes - (injuries)

10 Closure band-aids - (Injuries)

3 Cotton buds - (Different use)

2 Tweezers - (Different use)

2 Scissors - (Different use)

10 Safety pins - (Different use)

1 Sharp knife - (Different use)

10 Safety pins - (Different use)

1 Emergency blanket - (Keep warm)

Storage Tips


Store both kit together in a waterproof container (if there ain`t waterproof) and together whit your liferaft and "Bug Out Bag"


Store in an easily accessible position, not in the back of a storage hold, or underneath other boxes. You might need it in a hurry. It`s also easier to bring it on land and the liferaft.


Check your emergency kit and equipment often. (The best is each time you sail). Replace anything that`s running low or past its use-by date.

Note! Think about how you pack this in terms of access for younger children...!

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