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When shit hits the fan...

Why this?

In addition to first aid and medicine bag, this is the 3rd bag we take with us in the life raft or dinghy when we have to leave the ship.Below we have set up a list of what we have in this equipment bag that will also be waterproof like the others...

Top 15 list

  • Headlamp and flashlight

  • Snorkel and mask

  • Fishingline, hooks and lures

  • Rapairkit for raft or dingy

  • Tarp to cath water

  • Lighter and matches

  • Own first Aid kit!

  • Extra batteries

  • Paracord rope and 2 knifes

  • Plastic bag for containing water

  • Extra cell or satelite phone

  • Sunglases and suncream

  • Flares, lightssticks & rockets

  • Some seckness pill and medicine

Flare, lightsticks & rockets

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