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New Navigation stuff


Cutting & sawing begins...

NAV station finish!

6 month of installations later...

After months of upgrades, wiring and installation of new electronics, it`s finally complete.

Cervo GX

The system Heart 


The cool thing about the Victron products is that all the products talk thru Victron GX. You`ll get all data the over Bluetooth and WIFI. And whit a simple app on the phone and nice login page on PC it`s the best. New! Ruuvi temprature sensors can now also be paired with this system! Link to these here.

Salty Facts

ChartPlotter - Raymarine AXIOM 7"
ChartPlotter - Raymarine AXIOM 9" RV

AIS - Raymarine 700

GPS - Raymarine GA200

VHF - Garmin 215I

SD reader - Raymarine RCR

Temp sensors - Ruuvi Tag Pro

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