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Frostguard, fan & sensors

Temp - controlled

Frost guard is a suitable product for keeping boats, garages, attics and the like frost-free. Comes with cord and plug. Mounted inplace.

We have installed one in each room and 2 in the lounge just above floor level. This ensures that it is kept min + 5 degrees winter time.

wireless sensors

Ruuvi Tags

RuuviTag is a wireless Bluetooth sensor node that measures temperature, air humidity, and movement. You can read live measurements and history data directly on your smartphone using Ruuvi’s mobile app for Android/ iOS.

The IP68 and IP69K certified RuuviTag Pro (2-in1) offers a full protection against water with its fully sealed enclosure.

It has been laboratory tested to work in water depth of up to 50 meters for 24 hours and to tolerate high pressurised spraying with 80 °C water.

Salty Facts

Power oven - 200 Watts each

Temperature controlled - Yes

Tinless - +5C - +35C

Input - AC 230V

Sensor - Hydro, termo and motion

Input - CR battery 10years

Connection - Wireless Bluetooth

Alarms - Yes, SMS and mail

High velocity fans

WIFI Connected!

We have attache 3 more in front of 3 fans under the floor. Better circulation = less chance of mold.

These are mounted under each couch in the livinroom so warm air flows thru the hull in every directions...

Nedis WIFI Sockets

Full app control

The genius of Nedis' sockets is that they connect to the WI-FI and are controlled by the same app as for example CCTV and waterdetector.

Salty Facts

Power fans - 50 Watts

Sockets - WIFI Controlled

Connection - Nedis app

Alarms - Yes, SMS and mail

Input - AC 230V

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