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MMA welding stuff...

Stainless not that easy to start whit :o)


Telwin Force 165 is an inverter welder for MMA welding with an idle voltage of 72V and electrical connection of 230V. Inverter welder for MMA welding with scraper ignition.

Great flexibility as you can use many different types of electrodes, such as basic, rutile, stainless, cast iron, etc.Compact and lightweight. Equipped with arc force, burn protection and overheating protection


Everything to boats that are acid-proof (316 aisi) steel are very expensive!

So we bought a welding machine to do the jobs ourselves...

Our first project is to make an radarmast that also can hold GPS antenna, VHF, AIS, extra deck light and much more. Vlog with tips and triks I have learned the hard way when welding thinner stainless are coming soon =) Check out our first project by clicking the picture under...

TIG MIG or stick?

I chose the old stick method since you do not have to carry heavy gas bottles with you plus you can change from stainless, regular or castiron in 30 sec.

At the same time, you are not as exposed when welding out in the wind...

Salty Facts

Type - MMA

Model - Telwin 

Mod - Iverter

Power - 165amp

Electrodes - 1,6 - 4mm

Input - 16amp 230V

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