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Tailor made radarmast!

Sketch drawing chainplate

The Idèa

All brackets and mounts for boats and marine industri that are acid-proof have become expensive.

So after acquiring a welding machine and equipment, we gyve loose on a separate mast that will keep much of the electronic.

New chainplates that will fasten for this new mast as well as holders for the pipes to solar panels will get made first.

the welding begins...


After acquiring own welding apparat and equipment, this became the first project with welding.


The mast have:

Radar Dome (Raymarine 4KW Digital)

GPS antenna (Raymarine GA250) 

VHF antenna (Backup, main in masttop)

AIS antenna (And Glomex WI-FI) 

Lights bar (LED bar cockpit area)

Light bar (LED bar towards the stern)

Coming together...

gets painted black

Final Product

Salty Facts

Mast Hight - About 4 meters

Pipe 1 diameter - 40,2mm

Pipe 1I diameter - 25mm

Steel type - 316L AISI 

Antennas - GPS, VHF, AIS, TV

Bracket for - Radar 4 KW

Chainplates - 8mm thickness

Tips for mounting - pictuire below!

Think about where you mount the different antennas due to complications and interference with signals.

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