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Gas heater for winter

Portable Gas Heater

Adjustable - up to 1300W!

Whit Shut Off valve

Marine grade!


Gas heater with steel / ABS plastic housing and ceramic burner. The stove uses a butane gas tank and the gas pressure can be adjusted. It is equipped with ODS (Oxygen Depletion System). This means that the stove switches off automatically if the oxygen content in the room drops to 16% (normal is 21%). 

The gas supply will also stop and the stove will switch off if the stove overturns or in the event of a gas leak. The gas stove can be used in all ventilated areas. CE approved. Burns approx. 2 hours.

Standard Butane containers

Salty Facts

Maximum power 1300 Watt

Fuel - Butane Gas

High - 16cm

Length - 30cm

Weight - 1,5kg

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