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Lead Housebank - Backup


Since the closed acid batteries are not older than 2-3 years and in good condition, we chose to keep these since we have the space. They are charged by the wind generator and holds 12.6 volts all year round. 

Then they are connected to a switch that can connect them together with the starter battery if the thrusters and windlass are used a lot. I top these up to 14.6 volts every 3 months.


A No. 2 switch that connects these to the same circuit as the lithium batteries, something I do when the lithium batteries are in the absorption state. Then the lithium batteries charge the acid batteries when the battery charger goes into the absorption state.

Salty Facts

Batteries - Closed Led Acid

House - 4 X 110 Amp

connected - In parallel 

Starter - 1 X 110 Amp alone

Total power: 12 V and 450 Amp

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